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This website is built by a daydreamer, gear collector, and free-style designer. The journey is about some stories in design and collections, and the story continues writing. If you want to share some stories or ask any questions, please feel free to reach out the Instagram.

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The Wrong Magazine-2008

Let's date back to 2008. That year, I bought the wrong magazine, which made me fall in love with military gear. I used to read magazines related to small firearms, but that day, the magazine sold out. So I bought another one related to gears and found it not bad. Then I fall into this rabbit hole.

The 5.11 Rush 12 Backpack-2010

The timeline is around 2010. I used to use some sports-brand backpacks that were pretty poor quality. One day, I found a military store in my city and bought a 5.11 Rush12 backpack. It was the first item that related to the military I bought. That 511 backpacks last for eight years. During the use process, I like the rough feeling of nylon and the robust structure of military items(although it is not a real military item). From then on, I start to like different military backpacks.

The M65 Jacket-2013

The timeline moves to 2013. I bought my first M65 jacket due to the influences of the movies like First Blood and Killer Elite. At that time, not only I realized that military items have some connection with entertainment. But also, I started to have an interest in military jackets, especially around the Vietnam War.

The Traded Backpack-2016

One day in 2016, I met a gentleman on a second-hand goods trading platform. He made an offer that wants to trade one of my hiking backpacks with his Kifaru EMR backpack, and I agreed. The Kifaru EMR is the first exterior frame backpack I had, and it is the starter for me to have an interest in backpack structure. From then on, I started to collect different Kifaru and Mystery Ranch backpacks.

The Tiger Stripe Auction-2016

This chapter has the same timeline as Chapter Four which was also in 2016. I found the tiger stripe very beautiful and started collecting different tiger stripe shirts. One day, I found an auction about a new gold tiger stripe shirt on eBay. But it was so expensive that I lost the auction. I felt sad, but at the same time, I made up my mind that I had to decide whether to focus on modern military gear or Vietnam War-era gear. Then I choose the previous one.


In 2017, I collected nearly forty different kinds of military backpacks. But besides backpacks, I didn't collect any other items like body armor or helmets. But in 2017, I went to Poland to learn shooting, and the instructor taught me some skills in the CQB environment. For the safety concern, I wore his body armor. It was a CRYE PRECISON JPC. And at that point, I realized, oh, body armor is useful in some circumstances. And then I found myself interested in body armor.


On the last day in Poland, I was chatting with the instructor. He asked me what body armor you wanted to buy in the future. The day before, I just watched Transformers I again. And I said, the ACA. He must think I was joking because it is hardly to come across one, not to mention to buy one. But lucky for me, I came across one in the next months and successfully bought one. It was the first body armor I had. 

The Chair-18-W-2018

In 2018, I had a course about designing a chair with wood. Even though I was not too fond of wood at that time, I needed to finish the assignment. So I thought about combining wood with military materials such as nylon webbing and plastic buckles. Then I design The Chair-18-W.

The Chair-18 & MILITURE-2018

This story still happened in 2018, When I finished the Chair-18. One of my teachers asked me whether I wanted to try the Salone del Mobile. Milano. There was a satellite exhibition in Shanghai. But the deadline was only a week left. So I modified the Chair (Wood version), got rid of the wood material, and redesigned it into plastic with nylon. Then I gave this series the name-MILITURE.

The Chair, The Desk, and The Mirror-2019

I got an award in the satellite exhibition and got the chance to go to Italy to participate in the 2019 Salone del Mobile. Milano. The exhibition space was much bigger than the satellite exhibition. It would be lonely for The Chair to show up alone. Therefore I designed The Desk and The Mirro.

The Thesis-2019

After coming back from Italy, I thought, why not write a thesis about how to transfer military elements into fashion? Then I finished the thesis and got my bachelor's degree.

The Unit Gear-2019

The timeline is about 2019. I used to collect body armor based on structure, but one day, when I was working out in the gym. One of my friends suddenly texted me. He asked me why I did not collect the Unit gears with him. I replied that I didn't have interested. But he kept telling me for a year, and finally, I agreed to have a try. Then I realized the development and modularity of gears.

The Greenhouse-2020

In 2020, I had a chance to participate in the Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture Fair. That time I redesigned The Chair-18 series and evolved into The Chair-19. Yes, I didn't figure out a good name for them. There are two versions one is the triangle version, and another is the rectangle version. This time the chair is more robust and easy to transport and custom.

The Waiting Time-2020

The pandemic broke out, and it was a crazy time for customing gear. I used to ask one of my friends to help me with custom gear. One day at noon, he told me I needed to wait at least half a year to get the backpack done. Then that day evening, I made up my mind to make gears on my own, so I bought a sewing machine to make some basic gears.

Lose Weight-2021

Due to the quarantine, I successfully gain a lot of weight. And I need to do more cardio to lose weight. So I started building different cardio gear, like chest rigs and running belts. It was a fun time to make, and when I finished the prototype, I went outdoor jogging or hiking in the mountains and tested it directly. And based on the using experience, I modified it quickly when I got back to the studio.

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