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THE COFFEE is a project for reusing coffee grounds. The utilization rate of coffee is only 0.2%, and 99.8% is coffee grounds. Combining Western and traditional Chinese production elements, coffee grounds are processed into materials with high plasticity, high extensibility, and easy preservation in a low-pollution, low-finished product, and efficient way. Users can create freely with the material according to their imagination, and they can feel the process of turning waste into treasure of coffee grounds during the process of use and creation, thereby strengthening the concept of environmental protection.

The new coffee ground material has a wide range of applications. Due to its modeling ability like rubber clay and its production with harmless ingredients to the human body, it is suitable for children to use and create, which is conducive to children's intellectual development. After the new coffee ground material is set, it has a strong strength and can be used for carving and other processing, which can be used for artists and craft lovers. This material can be dyed with food coloring, thereby having various combinations of possibilities.

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