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This box was abandoned in a ruin, beside which are high-rise buildings, as if one represents the disappearing regional characteristics, and the other represents the appearance of a new era. The two opposing contradictions are connected by simple and thin blue construction gauze. We strengthened the contrast of the cabinet through reprocessing and customization, expressing the feeling of the changes over time on this cabinet. For example, old parts on the old box that have been re-polished, geometric hollows on the front of the box, and crisp supports at the bottom.

This box is commonly known as the "daughter box". Each "daughter box" is a mysterious and splendid world, locking in twenty or thirty pieces of embroidery made by a woman in her lifetime. These served as wedding dresses for marriage, festive costumes... condensing a woman's lifelong efforts and expectations for happiness. The box itself has a strong personal attribute, and it has an inward storage function. We retained this feature and redesigned it to give it an outward display function, making it a cabinet used to display the homeowner's favorite items. Moreover, the interior storage space adopts a modular structure that can be adjusted according to usage.

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