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Ink Brush Kit
The ink brush has a history of several thousand years in China and is an indispensable part of traditional culture. The target audience for this product is beginners interested in calligraphy culture. This product provides users with three different types of brush tips, allowing users to compare through use and gain a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of different brush tips.

Soft-Tip Brush (Ruan Hao)
Material: Wool, chicken feather, fetal hair, etc.
Features: The soft-tip brush has less elasticity and is softer. It holds a lot of ink, is harder for beginners to control, and produces round and full strokes. The resulting script is fuller, suitable for larger characters. It is often used for writing seal script, regular script, and official script.

Hard-Tip Brush (Ying Hao)
Material: Weasel hair, rabbit hair, rat whiskers, etc.
Features: The hard-tip brush has good elasticity, is sturdier, and its tip is sharp. It's easier for beginners, holds less ink, and produces strong and vigorous characters. It is often used for writing cursive script.

Mixed-Tip Brush (Jian Hao)
Material: A mix of hard and soft tips, such as "Seven Purple Three Sheep" (70% rabbit hair, 30% wool), "Three-Flower Purple Wolf" (weasel hair, wool, and purple hair (rabbit hair)), Small White Cloud, Medium White Cloud, and Big White Cloud (a mixture of weasel and sheep hair).
Features: The brush has moderate elasticity, combining the characteristics of both soft and hard tips. It holds a good amount of ink, offers both softness and rigidity, retains the water storage characteristics of sheep hair, and has the strength and elasticity of hard hair. It's versatile for drawing and dotting, with its nature being between soft and hard, making it easy to control and suitable for all types of script.

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