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Bamboo has been closely intertwined with people's lives since ancient times. Interestingly, even today, the most basic applications of bamboo still touch every aspect of life and are accompanied by explorations of the technological and spiritual aspects of bamboo. Starting from primitive civilizations, people created daily necessities from bamboo to meet their needs, then used bamboo as a metaphor to express their thoughts. With the advancement of technology, the features of bamboo have been continuously discovered, and bamboo has been widely applied.

What if bamboo were as close to people as clothing? This would create a sense of intimacy, yet also a strong sense of distance. Due to the plasticity of bamboo, applying it to a bag can allow the bearing and capacity of the bag to merge, creating a more holistic effect. On the basis of integration, the characteristics of bamboo material are emphasized. The bag leverages the easy-to-bend nature of bamboo skin and the strength and flexibility of bamboo sticks. Using a woven approach ensures overall strength while also reducing weight.

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